ADAM is a project from Timelab, Gent in collaboration with Howest, Ugent, Bescherming voor helden and a lot of individual experts from the fields of manufacturing, textiles, chemistry, plastics, communication, supply chain, policy, ..

Our point of contact is Evi Swinnen
0032 479 695 786

Several initiatives are rising in our region of Flanders. All individual projects with their own fantastic teams. We want to not only list our contact here, but also the other projects and their SPOC in order to enhance sharing and collaboration.

Fablab BXL heeft een OS beademingsmachine – noodtoestel
contact Lieven Standaert

Makers against corona maakt shields
contact: Stijn De Mil

Universiteit Antwerpen maakt mondmaskers
contact Prof Jouke Verlinden

Maasmechelen, campus De Helix maakt shields
contact Edwin Biesmans geeft patronen om mondmaskers te naaien
contact Lien De Ruyck

Edugo Campus Glorieux, Oostakker maakt shields en deurknoppen
contact Hans Ysebaert

Bescherming voor Helden
contact Stijn Rommens

Sylvie Ponchaut of Biowin was assigned by the region of Walony to coordinate the local production of FFP2 masks

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