What is the businessmodel that fits the project?

An open Source and Multi-dimentional Design with a dencentralized production asks for a specific approach to market the product.

MaskAdam offers a platform to bring offer and demand together. This cooperative structure(*) is owned by all the actors from the value network.

(*) The cooperative offers support to different products and solutions from different actors fighting the crisis.

3D print companies can join the organisation by offering their capacity within the set price per piece and buying a share. Their capacity they offer is the minimum of 500/day. The companies who also print cassettes garantee the safe environment it which the handling takes place.

Assembly and logistics partners also buy a share in the coop and provide their services according their own ability, but with a minimum of 500/day.

Hospitals, schools, care centers but also individuals can buy masks and the filters they prefer on the platform. The platform calculates the nearest production capacity based on the need and sends the order to the local production and logistics companies.

In case of very big amount of orders from the same product (same cassettes), the network looks for industrialized production processes available for high scale and low cost production based on the same research and models. This can be used for export to countries without 3D print capacity.

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