Why can we not just buy the masks or material somewhere?

Because this is a worldwide crisis, all the material is used to at first safe people in the country of production. Besides, most of the certified medical textile for masks has run out or is being sold for excessive prices. A surgical masks consists of 3 layers of (spunbond – meltblown – spunbond) material. The meltblown technique, using PP for example is very specialised and hard to find in local production in our west EU countries. Products made out of Meltblown textile are familiar in our households, but they lack the certification we need. So we need to start from scratch in producing local material. Ideally this can be done in existing industrial environments that can easily change their production line. But it will take months to lounge a production. Our search goes towards other applications of comparable material in the hope we can find a (combination of) existing material and techniques to require our needs.

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