Why is a perfect fitting mask so important?

To protect human from a virus sized .1 to .3, all leakages in masks are to avoid. The sealing to the face is crucial for 2 reasons. One is the actual leakages that can let the virus in, but also a bad fitting will stimulate touching it to keep it on its place.

Standard masks are designed as an average size that must fit most of the population. But of course not 2 faces are the same. We see big differences depending on race, gender and age. Standard ISO norm masks are designed based on standard dummy heads which are caucasian and male, middle age. A second more profound test can be done on a group of people, but this is not standard.

Therefor we believe we have to look into the differences to find a new average that fits the people in care jobs. We believe that we need at least 3 sizes for perfect fitting and will base these on an average of a set of scanned real faces. The mask becomes a smart mask using AI logic to build an average set of sizes.

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